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Most youth start out with weak professional networks

Many unemployed and underemployed youth job seekers are first-time applicants or in the early stages of their careers. As a result, they lack the strong professional networks that would increase their odds of landing a job.

Many youth job seekers have weak CVs that hinder their application success

Applying for job opportunities requires preparation and skills like written communications and a strong CV. Many job seekers do not know what a CV is, or what format and content is best to display their skills and experience.

Many youth have weak job search, application, and interview preparation skills

Accessing and applying for job opportunities requires knowing where to search and how to prepare. Many job seekers do not know where or how to search for opportunities and, in later application stages, they lack CV preparation and interview skills.

Many youth are unaware of available job and support opportunities

Job seekers often do not know where or what types of opportunities or support services are available, such as announcements, job boards, matching services, job search centers, and government employment services.

Public Awareness Campaigns

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Customizable Education

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Soft Skills Certification

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Employer Partnerships

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