Related Issues

Customizable Education

Skills mismatches are the second largest driver of youth unemployment in Africa. Traditional education systems are not keeping up with the needs of the quickly changing global economy, but customizable education can address many barriers students face.

Innovative Financing Mechanisms

Students face enormous financial pressures, from day-to-day expenditures to loan repayment, and these pressures come with real risks. There are three main actions that could be game-changing in alleviating the financial pressures students face.

Employer Partnerships

Countries with the lowest youth unemployment rates have one thing in common: a close connection between education and work. To foster high employment, employers, governments and educators need to partner to ensure education systems map to employers’ needs.

Soft Skills Certification

In today’s shifting labor market, soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication are key to job success across all industries. However, these skills are difficult to define and measure and require extensive screening.

Scheduling of courses is too inflexible for students

Traditional education and training programs require a time commitment that is unrealistic for people who have other...

Education financing methods are rigid and do not meet students' needs

Often, education or training institutions do not provide flexible payment mechanisms to adjust to students’ ability to pay, and...

Courses are not adapting to the changing job market

Curricula do not capture the skills that new business models and jobs require. Modifications to formal education curricula...

Educators do not know what skills are required for the job market

The skills that secondary/tertiary schools teach their students are rarely those that employers seek. As a result, students are...

Educators are not incentivized to align curricula to job market needs

Educators lack the mechanisms or resources that would incentive them to match education and training curricula to skills...