Global Youth Unemployment

High youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems confronting societies around the world – and especially acute for young people in developing countries. But do we really know how to effectively address this complex and challenging issue?

We created this website to answer that question. Here, we lay out the landscape of challenges and related solutions in the youth unemployment ecosystem.

The problem is immense [see map below] and hugely complex, and addressing this issue at scale is a major undertaking. Yet, inherent to this problem is a unique opportunity. The expanding youth population – particularly coupled with the growing economies in many emerging markets – is an enormous, latent asset: young people have the potential to drive economic and social development in some of the world’s poorest countries.

In this website we present the challenges and solutions around youth unemployment in a way that captures the inherent complexity of the problem’s interrelated issues. This allows you, the reader, to follow the content elements that are most important to you and to develop a full understanding of the complex interrelationships that long articles sometimes struggle to capture.

We hope this content will spur conversation, action, and ultimately, progress. Follow the challenges and solutions tabs to read on about specific issues within youth unemployment, and to explore the solutions that employers, learners, training providers, and governments can take to enable youth to succeed.

Youth Unemployment 2013, total (% of labor force ages 15-24)

Source: World Bank; Dalberg analysis.